Today is December 25th, in which we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth… or do we? What exactly are Christmas’ real origins?

The subject of what began the festive holidays is quite debatable, especially since everything about modern day Christmas seems to explain, with what looks like all the evidence you need to make a point, that Christmas is a Christian holiday. But when you look for deeper clues than what is on the surface, there are many startling facts: Christmas is not Christian. Or, well, it used to not be; it has changed dramatically over the years (I would call it an entirely different holiday, almost!). So what was the holiday formerly? It’s actually Roman, and was called Saturnalia. As they say, all roads lead to Rome. Saturnalia is a seven-day holiday, beginning on December 17 and ending on December 24. It includes almost all the aspects of modern day Christmas, besides the sinful behavior.

Christmas to me is not of Roman origin; instead, it is the most wonderful holiday of the year and something I look forward to. Anyone can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ or nothing but goodwill and presents and food; but Christmas in this modern day will never solely be celebrated only as a Christian holiday, as there are all sorts of people who love it (and I’m an example!).

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!


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