What can evolutionary biology learn from creationists?

Great article. I found it interesting because I had not ever thought so deeply of why the rejection of evolution is caused; but this article clears things over. Over the past few months, I became aware of the fact that nothing is THAT complex that it baffles every human mind, to the point where it is impossible to understand. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did and see it as an eye-opener. :3

Scientia Salon

Irreducible-complexity-E-coli_472_308_80by Joanna Masel

You might expect a professional evolutionary biologist like myself to claim that my discipline has nothing to learn from creationists. And I certainly do find all flavors of evolution-denialism sadly misguided. But I also find it reasonable to assume that any serious and dedicated critic should uncover something interesting about the object of their obsession. I’m not talking about passing trolls here. I’m talking about earnest and sometimes talented people whose sincerely held anti-evolution convictions do not preclude engagement, and who invest a lot of time thinking about evolution from an unconventional perspective.

I draw three main lessons from such critics. First, there is plenty to learn about human psychology from the rejection of evolution. Why do so many people not accept scientific conclusions that seem to an expert like me to be irrefutably supported by the evidence? Dismissing the cause of their rejection as religious ideology…

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another year for dawn

Is anyone excited about the dwarf planet Ceres? Well I am! I was a bit exited about Kepler 22b, but it seems we’re not sending any kind of spacecraft to observe it (not that I think we would when they say it’s 600 light years away). Though, if someone attempts at getting something to go faster than the speed of light (parsec), and achieved that, then we might have a probability of more than 5 out of a hundred that we would send it to exoplanets as far away as to some star systems out there.

So I decided to look up the latest news about the dwarf planet Ceres, and found some cool stuff! If you haven’t heard, just recently the spacecraft “Dawn” has sent images back to NASA that tells of water vapor (and perhaps hints at volcanoes), which was also apparently detected by Dawn. In early 2015, Dawn will begin orbit around Ceres and map its geography!! Yeaaahhh excited :DD



Okay, as my two followers might have noticed, I haven’t posted anything since December and it’s nearly been a month since December. My mind has been on other things for weeks now, though soon I hope to relieve it. How would I go about doing that, then? I have to get things done and feel accomplished: then i feel really happy and stuffs. I’ve been looking to sell my hand drawn art through Etsy but being my age and all sucks; I though perhaps when I turned 13 I could actually get something accomplished in life that I’ve always wanted to do ): I really wanted to start earning money now so in a couple of years I could be a high school exchange student in Japan since I love their culture and history; it is really beautiful:D Though for some reason my parents don’t trust me, even though I never get disciplined.. Perhaps I’m a little too independent for them (hopefully that will make sense in a few seconds o-o).