Every Christmas is a Last Christmas (Doctor Who episode review) SPOILERS!!

Alright. That was some deep episode.

[Proceed with caution, because there are spoilers. Even if they’re tiny, I know I wouldn’t want those moments spoiled for me.]

The last few minutes were ridiculously adorable. I really don’t care anymore about Peter Capaldi not wanting any romantic relationship with Clara; they flirt way too much. Or maybe I’m just thinking too hard. Or maybe Steven Moffat is sneaking it into the script.. Subtle at first, probably.
I’m really glad Clara is staying though. At first I thought she wasn’t, when they showed her in an old age. I hate those kinds of dreams. Seriously. It’s like dreaming one of your family members dying or waking up five hours later than you were supposed to because your alarm clock didn’t go off (trust me, I’ve had both, and it is not pleasant). It’s my version of a nightmare: procrastination in the ultimate state; something you always feared coming to life; actually thinking you’re dying; you can’t move when someone is about to kill you and then you actually die.
Anyway, I have received a new iPod and now do not have a completely cracked screen (I did before), ownership of a device that had no will at all to do my bidding, and old apps that won’t update because I didn’t have the ability to update to iOS 7. Or 8, whichever you prefer.

Merry Christmas!!


The Power of Forgetting

thepowerofforgettingmikebysterWhat’s in the use of forgetting? I asked myself as I came upon this curious book. Originally I was going to ignore it until I read the subtitle. But I never knew what forgetting had to do with clearing out brain clutter.

I don’t think most of us realize how much brain clutter we really accumulate throughout each day.. especially me. Well, during school. I also procrastinate a lot, which is really not a good thing and adds on a ton of stress. I have blamed my lack of sleep during the school year for my bad performance, but now I know it’s more than that. True, only seven or eight hours of sleep each night can really make me feel like crap (I’m still prone to grow too), but I had a ton of stress because I would never do my freaking homework. Since I’m going into high school, and I’m going to be in marching band (lots of hard music and drills, and we have to memorize all 300 measures of music), I have decided that this would be a wonderful opportunity to use the skills that this book, The Power of Forgetting, provides. I’ve always hated math, yet I want to be the very best at it. I want to be the best I can at every subject, yet I’m jusssttt lazy sometimes. 😦

Sooo, how do you clear out brain clutter and become the sharpest you? There’s more than six skills in there, as the cover doesn’t imply, but they are all challenging. These skills, whether it be a different and shorter way to complete a math equation or just a mind game that you really need your thinking cap on for, they all help you to seriously become sharper and smarter. Smarter doesn’t necessarily mean higher IQ, but a faster brain processing speed. Also, you might do a loooot better on an IQ test if you didn’t understand something before on it.

I’ve tried a few of these skills, and I think they’ve had some kind of impact on how fast I am at coming up with conclusions. Of course, I have gotten out of my little cage, which is a metaphor obviously for how I was doing mentally… about religion n stuff. Things like organizing random words as fast as you can in alphabetical order while you’re driving down the road gets your mind thinking incredibly fast.. at least, that’s what happened to me once. Practice math while you’re on the road, too, by choosing three numbers and trying to create as many equations that equals 24 with them as you can. There are more complex exercises, but just doing these will seriously help you.

Hey, you know the British TV show Sherlock? How he has a mind palace? Well, that’s actually a thing that can help you organize things. This book does tell of how something like a mind palace can provide a place for you to remember things, while also having comfortable rooms in it. What I mean is, use your bedroom or your first house memory to remember something, depending on what it is really. Just do whatever fits your needs.

I think that I really liked this book, as it is definitely going to help me in real life. It’s actually something I needed but never acknowledged that I needed.


I received this book for free fromBlogging for Books for this review.



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