The Theory of Everything: movie review

Stephen Hawking is an inspiration to all of us who believe in possibilities; I think this to be true. I was actually inspired to make this blog to share my ideas after reading his book, A Brief History of Time. When I first heard that a movie was to be made based on Stephen’s earlier life, I was ecstatic; after all, I am a fan of his.

The movie and acting was absolutely brilliant, especially [insert SWH actor rl name here], who portrayed Hawking very well. The most enchanting part was the music. You can’t even play real life without music! There is a scene in which Hawking goes to a beautiful performance of lovely classical music. Sadly, he can’t stay for the whole performance because, er… spoilers!

It’s reasonable to assume everyone in the UK knows about Doctor Who, or has heard it mentioned at least once. Continuing off of that..the Doctor Who references were amazing. My favorite one was when Stephen was saying “Exterminate!” with his automated, robotic voice. It was absolutely traumatizing.

The Theory of Everythinghad its up and downs, including parts that are quite sad. I almost cried several times, actually. But then again, there are hilarious scenes such as I stated in the last paragraph.
I loved it.