The Big Bang: something from nothing? Or what?

I recently watched a video about the Big Bang which explained that maybe the universe all began with nothing, although our brains couldn’t possibly comprehend that because of the way they evolved. But then I thought, maybe the Universe came from something, but that something couldn’t be there without the other. Maybe they are like virtual particles – they suddenly popped into existence. Maybe, instead of that idea (actually, scratch that idea; I’m going with this one), the whole Universe just popped into being, beginning with an explosion. I think it’s our brains’ way of seeing things from cause and effect that is probably hindering us from discovering how the world works, probably.

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Okay, so I’ve decided that I’m quitting this schedule thing every Sunday. I don’t always manage to think of something really interesting in a week’s time; inspiration and ideas only come at certain times because of certain things that happen. Getting out of the house and going somewhere other than school helps me a lot (stimulates creativity), but unfortunately I don’t get to do that very often. I’ll keep my Twitter updated so you’ll know if I’m planning on posting anything or whatever. Oh, and by the way, you should follow me!


a 3 dimensional planet and a 4 dimensional universe

for some reason i think this is possible; according to my idea of how the universe is shaped, it’s most likely infinite and there’s no stopping its expansion. this picture i’m about to show you is what i believe the universe is shaped as (except it’s overlapping, which i believe is 4 dimensional, which proves space and time are actually one). the picture is 1 dimensional but imagine it as a circle (3-D), each part of the universe, and what is in between each line is dark matter.

ahhh i just came up with another idea. it’s as a time bubble! or even a time bubble, something! our universe is time (or our own timeline, if there’s other universes). now what’s on the inside of the circles for it to be 4-D is what we see to be our universe: the stars, galaxies, etc (which are all round as well).

speaking of stars, i was reading another book called “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen W. Hawking. light has a lot to do with gravity. there’s a theory, i believe, that some massive stars can let go of light but the light is sucked back in. have you heard of the “dark star” and/or the supposedly hidden planet, Nibiru? well, Stephen says in his book that these are what we know as black holes, but maybe some of them have not collapsed on itself because of the mass and weight of the star (which causes the gravitational pull to be so strong it pulls light back into the star). i’m going to make a theoretical guess here: the dark star and other planets do in fact exist, right by our own solar system

i had a dream a couple of nights ago, about four different universes (including our’s). look at the shape of the universe: it will keep expanding from the center (which leads me to believe there’s a very powerful mass at the center of our universe); the line that you see fade out, the outermost line of the spiral, connects us to the other universes. i believe it’s like a rectangle, with each line connecting to the other universe, except two of them. you see, imagine it like a rectangle or square, whatever you want to see it as, but with one side missing. but it’s still connected, though there’s… perhaps antimatter? maybe we live on the outer “ring” of our universe? maybe that’s why we’ve found antimatter… but that’s cool, so maybe as we are rotating we can ride our way into the universe next to us (if we develop the perfect technology; which btw i read that NASA is developing a way to travel the speed of light with efficiency)!

so what we may think is 600 light years away is actually 30 years away, if we cross into another spiral (light is deformed by gravity as well!) of our universe.

woo. okay. i love this and i really hope i’ll be able to prove it someday:) it brings me hope and excitement x)